THIS IS IT!! The day that I first set foot into a foreign country.  Jan. 9, 2019 at 12:50 midnight, we arrived at Bali Airport in BALI, INDONESIA.  And next to Bali, we’ll then go to…. JAKARTA!!!


At 9 in the morning of Jan. 9, 2019, we safely arrived in Jakarta. And it’s time to separate ways with other participants from SPUS.

Welcome to the capital city of Indonesia– Jakarta!



At 3:14 in the afternoon, we arrived in the beautiful city of Padang Indonesia. Me and my co-participants from SPUS were then welcomed by our coordinator Miss Ari.

(from left to right; Queen, Queenie, me, Miss Ari, Louise)

At the time that we arrived in Padang, our stomachs were hungry, so Miss Ari brought us to a famous restaurant “Lamun Ombak” where we tried their delicacies, and they are all delicious and are very spicy.


Trying out new foods!

After we ate, we then went to our dorm, and there I met my Indonesian buddy and friend, Chamel. ❤


Day 2

12:30 of January 10, 2019, me and my co-participants from SPUS then went to UNP to be welcomed by the Head of International Office.



 At 3 in the afternoon of Jan. 11, 2019, all of the participants were welcomed with smiling faces by the rectors and mentors from UNP.

Co-participants from Philippines!


Day 4

8 in the morning of January 12, 2019, we were all invited to participate and be welcomed in SMA Negeri 10 Padang on their event TENSAILICIOUS.


By 10 in the morning, we again were invited to the Governor’s hall to attend a conference. We used the SMA 10’s bus to get there. It was an activity for the 1st ASEAN Teachers and Students Seminar of Senior  High School 10 Padang, West Sumatera, and it talked about the Industrial Revolutionary which important in today’s generation. After that, we were then given a certificate.


By 3 pm of Jan. 13, we went to the Grand Mosque or Masjid Raya Sumatera Barat using the famous GoCar in Indonesia. I, Queen, Queenie, Louise, Adelyn, Princess and our Indonesia buddy Rima went inside the Grand Mosque and enjoyed the majestic place. It is a new and interesting experience for me because it’s my first time to go inside a mosque.
After that, we then went to the catholic church to attend the 5:30 mass.

@ Grand Mosque
@ St. Therese Catholic Church

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