Excursions: Weekend escapades

Saturday morning, January 19, 2019 We prepared, and went to UNP by 7 to attend our field trip. The participants, along with the UNP Staff Miss Nola, our Indonesian buddies, and other participants from Malaysia and Singapore went to.

We first visited the green tea plantation in Alahan Panjang where it’s colder than our air conditioner inside the bus 😂 , and in there we saw how people get some teas, and we also did experience how to get some teas.

I thought this was just easy, but I got it wrong

Next stop…. Twin Lake!

Enjoying the beautiful view of the lake.

When we arrived at the Twin Lake, we enjoyed the cool breeze of the place. We rode a boat and explore the lake, afterwards we walked around and some were even swimming by that time.


Saturday is an excursion day, but since the bus was not available by that time, at 1:20 in the afternoon, me and the other participants were invited at Miss Nola’s house for lunch. We ate Pancit for lunch, and we all had a good time.


At 4:20 in the afternoon, all the participants decided to go to a Karakoke Bar named Charly Family Karaoke in Berok Nipah, Padang. We all had a good time, and at 8 in the evening, we went home.

Karaoke time!


Another Saturday to enjoy!

At 8:00 in the morning of Feb. 2, 2019, we traveled on our way to our destination. The place took about 3-4 hours.

On our way to our destination, we passed by a beautiful falls, and since we don’t want to miss a wondrous thing in Padang, we stopped by and enjoyed the vigorous falls.

Me and Queen, with the fall.


At 2 in the afternoon, we arrived in the beautiful place named Harau Valley.

If you want to visit many different countries, then Harau Valley is the best place for you. In Harau Valley, you can experience 6 countries in just one place.


At 3 pm, we again drove off to go to Bukittinggi to witness the Big Ben of Padang or the Jam Gadang. And when we arrived there, we strolled and bought some souvenirs for our loved ones at home in the Philippines.

Jam Gadang; this was taken 9 in the evening

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